Understand The Marketing Process

Understand The Marketing Process

Author: Mohamed Samir

By Mohamed Samir

We frequently hear these questions, so in this article I’m going to answer them.

Marketing is not just an ad on Facebook or any social media platform. Marketing is a complete process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Plan.
  2. Create.
  3. Distribute.
  4. Analyze.

Then take what you learn through your analysis and repeat it over again.

In order to implement this process correctly, you need to understand two very important things:

  1. Your buyer persona.
  2. The buyer journey.

1. The Buyer Persona (the target audience):

Who is your buyer persona? Where can you reach him? Can you reach him on social media platforms, or on Google search, or something else? Is he a visual learner…etc.?

Picking the best content format is all about your buyer personas. The information contained in the content is what helps them achieve their own goals, and the design is what makes it easily accessible by your buyer personas.

You need to ask yourself these questions in order to understand what content format is right for your target audience.

2. Buyer Journey:

Your content needs to align with the buyer journey, so you need to understand every and each stage of your buyer journey in order to prepare the right content that fits each of these stages. Let’s take a look at what the buyer journey stages are:

- The awareness stage:

In this stage, your potential customer starts to know about your business, product, or service and figures out that he has a need for that product/service. Although the need is created via a particular pain, yet sometimes people don't know that they have a need until they see a product/service that meets this need (sometimes people don't know what they need) for instance, in the past if you asked the people what do they need? Perhaps their answer would be "Faster horses" because they didn't know that they will have cars. In both cases, you need to highlight those needs.

- The interest stage:

In this stage, your potential customer starts to have an interest in your product/service, so he starts following you and gathering information by asking questions about the features, pricing, shipping…etc. That's why you find people are just asking without making any purchase, because they are in the interest stage and that means that they are interested in your product/service, but they didn't make the purchase decision yet.

- The desire stage:

In this stage, he gets the desire to purchase your product/service, so he starts to make comparisons between your product and other products and between you and your competitors. This is the best stage to motivate him to take an action, for instance by offering him a discount or implementing a clickbait technique in order for generating leads (gathering information about your potential customers such as their emails or phone numbers) in order to be able to target him directly afterward.

- The action stage:

Here he decides to take an action whether by purchasing your product/service or any other action, for instance, subscribing to your newsletter.

- The post action stage:

If his action was purchasing your product/service, he will talk about you well if he is satisfied, or badly if he is not (word of mouth) and your role here is to provide him with after-sale service to make sure that he is satisfied.
If his action was something else such as subscribing to your newsletter, so you'll need to start an email marketing campaign.

So, what is the appropriate content for each stage? Here are some examples:

Examples of the content that aligns with the customer journey

Next, we are going to go through each of the marketing process steps actually in detail.

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