The Story Behind The Journal

The Story Behind The Journal

Author: Mohamed Samir

By Mohamed Samir

A successful marketing campaign that evokes your desire to travel.

Marketing is a vital thing for every business, and digital presence became very important nowadays. The good presence is that can make your potential customers interact with your business, but the great one that can evoke their emotions and generate an inner desire to purchase your product or service.

But the problem is it’s not easy to reach your potential customers and evoke their emotions or convey a particular feeling to them. So, how can I do this? is it possible?

That’s exactly what Intrepid does. Intrepid is a travel agency that believes that small group travel makes a difference.

Intrepid talks directly to their customers’ emotions, and when something gets emotional, it has a great impact. Here’s one of their beautiful videos


Intrepid uses diverse marketing channels to reach their potential customers and communicate with them. They have a blog called THE JOURNAL” where they share real stories and experiences of their real customers.

They also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. They target their audience on each social platform using the appropriate form. For instance, Instagram is a visual platform, so they use imagery to reach their audience on it.

Videos also make a great impact. When you watch one of their videos you feel joy like if you’re there with them, so they use YouTube to display some real videos from their real journeys to convey that joyful feeling to their prospects.


If you want to reach your potential customers and influence them, you need first to understand your customer persona and the customer journey and prepare the content that he cares about, and don’t forget “Content is a king”, which means the content is the most important thing. Then you need to distribute that content on the appropriate marketing channels using the marketing and analytics tools that we’re going to talk about next.

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